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Battery Service at Bob Moore INFINITI

Without a working battery, your vehicle won’t be able to start. You can protect your battery through routine battery maintenance so that you never find yourself stranded with a car that won’t start due to a dead battery. If you are experiencing battery issues or want to get your battery checked, head over to Bob Moore INFINITI for fast and reliable battery service. Our convenient location is just a short drive away from Edmond, Midwest City, and Moore, OK.

Why Is Battery Service Important?

Battery service usually involves checking your battery to make sure it’s working properly and can hold a charge. Even if your battery is working at the time, a battery check can give you better insight into the condition of your battery. Sometimes, you won’t notice that your battery is damaged until it’s too late. So, battery service and checks lower the chances of a sudden dead battery that’ll leave you and your vehicle stranded.

When Should I Get My Battery Checked?

Like any vehicle maintenance, it’s always a good idea to refer to your owner’s manual to find the proper maintenance schedule. Another option is to ask a professional like our expert service technicians at Bob Moore INFINITI. We can help you stay on top of all your vehicle’s care, maintenance and repairs.

Keep in mind that you should take your vehicle to a professional as soon as you notice an issue or a change in its performance. Your vehicle’s battery won’t last as long as your vehicle, with the typical lifespan of a battery being around five years or so. The exact amount of time your battery will last depends on a few different factors such as how often and the location in which you drive. There are some common signs of battery damage, however, and you should go in for a battery check as soon as you notice any of them. Keep an eye out for signs of damage such as:

  • Your engine doesn’t crank but clicks rapidly instead
  • Low voltage results on a voltmeter test
  • Your battery loses charge even after multiple jump-starts
  • Your interior lights flicker
  • Your battery won’t accept the charge from a jump-start

Sometimes, a battery can fail without showing signs of damage, even if the battery is relatively new. This is why routine battery service and checks are always recommended. To save time, you can ask your service technician to run a battery test during other routine maintenance services like alignment service or an oil change.

Reasons Batteries Fail

There are a few different reasons why a battery could fail, a common reason being the age of the battery. It’s also pretty common for your vehicle’s alternator to be the source of the battery problem, which is why many technicians will check the alternator if you’re experiencing battery issues. Other frequent causes of battery damage are a defective serpentine belt, lights being left on, corrosion around the terminals, or a defective fuse.

Schedule battery service at Bob Moore INFINITI by giving us a call or by using our online service scheduler.