Valet Alert with INFINITI InTouch

INFINITI InTouch Valet Alert in Oklahoma City

Learn How to Get Valet Alerts with Bob Moore INFINITI

You’ve probably heard about or imagined the scenario. You go to a restaurant, hotel, or special event in your INFINITI and hand over the keys to the valet to park your vehicle. Little did you know the valet plans to take your car for a joyride. You may think this scene only happens in the movies, but it can happen to you that someone you know takes your INFINITI and drives it without your permission. You can protect yourself with Valet Alert from INFINITI InTouch, the app that protects you from theft and potential misuse of your vehicle.

What is INFINITY InTouch?

Use this system on your phone whenever you go to your next destination with valet parking. When you leave your keys with the parking attendant, activate your Valet Alert with your INFINITI InTouch services or INFINITI Connection companion app. You set the radius that you want and if someone chooses to take advantage of the situation and drives outside of that radius, you get an immediate notification. With this app, you can have the confidence that your INFINITI is right where it should be.

INFINITI InTouch can even be used for other kinds of monitoring. You have options for a Max Speed Alert, Drive Zone Alert, a Curfew Alert, and of course the Valet Alert.

Benefits With INFINITI InTouch

You can set your preferences the way you want them. On the smartphone app, you select if you prefer to be notified by text, email, or push notification if a violation of your preset radius occurs. When the time comes and you are ready to go, merely log in to the app once more and turn off the alert.

Other InTouchFeatures

Locate your vehicle quickly and easily in a parking lot or garage. Lock and unlock the doors and access your INFINITI Personal Assistant all through INFINITI InTouch.

Using Voice Command, InTouch sends commands to your vehicle, with an Alexa-enabled device or with Google Assistant. Tell your INFINITI to start the engine, flash your lights and more, just using your voice.

Navigate from point A to point B while staying focused on the road. The InTouch navigation system will make sure you arrive at your destination with helpful audio cues and visual maps.

You can send information and points of interest to your INFINITI with the InTouch system, and you can even find these locations by touching the appropriate icon on your InTouch screen.

Keep up to date on road construction, road conditions, and road closures, all along your route using SIRIUSXM Traffic, also available through your InTouch System.

Enjoy help in finding points of interest in your travels using the Destination Assistance function of your INFINITI InTouch Services. Connect with a live Response Specialist who will search for you and send the results to your INFINITY InTouch navigation system or conduct your own search using your vehicle’s current GPS location.

INTOUCH can even help plan your trip. Just enter your start and finish point and up to four stopping points along the way. Your Journey Planner is there to give you a route of travel, calculate distance and time, and send a journey plan to your INFINITI InTouch Navigation System.

Check out Valet Alert and all your InTouch can do when you come by Bob Moore INFINITI.