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Used Trucks at Bob Moore INFINITI

At Bob Moore INFINITI, we want to help you get behind the wheel of the used truck you want.  We offer a variety of trucks for you to explore to help you decide which one is best for you. Whether you are new to trucks or looking for an upgrade, you can find something that will deliver what you want with the price you need.

Why Buy a Truck?

Trucks are great for work or for play with options from fuel-efficient compact pickups to mid-size work horses to full-sized powerhouses which haul your heaviest loads or pull your largest trailers or RVS.  Trucks are built tough to traverse dangerous road conditions or rugged terrain like rocks, steep inclines or streams.  They offer versatility whether you are off-roading at the farm or going from your home to work.  Trucks today can seat up to six people in two rows, depending on the model you choose.  Trucks also offer a comfortable ride whether you want heated and ventilated seats, leather seats or crystal clear sound systems for premium entertainment.

Trucks include safety features such as front and side-impact airbags, proximity sensors, radar cruise control, rear cameras for safe backup, with a solid truck chassis built to endure tough conditions and tougher jobs. Front wheel drive or four-wheel drive on some models present the buyer with all-wheel drive or traction features with powerful suspensions to smooth your ride.  Trucks give you the power to haul whatever things you need for work or for fun.

Why Buy Used?

Do your research and you will see that a new truck can be quite an investment.  A full-sized pickup can be costly on its own, weighing in at $50,000.00 or more. Add in special packages and creature comforts to improve your experience and you could be paying sticker prices in excess of $60,000.00. Look at a full-size, high-end model, fully loaded with options and you could pay $75,000.00 or greater in a new truck.

New trucks also have a high-depreciation factor.  You pay one sticker price to get your new truck and it can depreciate by thousands of dollars once you leave the dealership’s lot.  A quality used truck saves you thousands in depreciation value.  Also, the price you pay for a new truck without the options you want will increase once you add those options.  With a used truck that already has the options you want, the price you pay stays the same, saving additional dollars. A used truck gives you everything you want in a vehicle without breaking the bank.

Financing Options at Bob Moore INFINITI

At Bob Moore INFINITI, we know your time is as valuable as your money and we want to help you save on both.  We offer in-house financing from our dedicated team of financial experts to work with you in getting a monthly payment to fit into your budget.  We also allow you to start the process before you even come to the dealership.  Go online to complete an application for financing so we can get to work for you on a loan in your price range. So, stop by Bob Moore INFINITI today and let us help you get the truck you want at the price you need.  Come test drive it today!

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