INFINITI Premium Care FAQs with Bob Moore INFINITI

For INFINITI owners around Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Norman, it’s easy to keep your new INFINITI in optimal condition with regular maintenance through the new INFINITI Premium Care program. This program provides pre-paid maintenance with the purchase of a new INFINITI model. Here are some frequently asked questions about INFINITI Premium Care.

Are all sales eligible for the program?

Yes, it includes all sales.

Are there specific services available with the program?

Whether you purchase or lease a 2023 INFINITI Model, the INFINITI Premium Care program encompasses three years of regularly scheduled maintenance. What services are provided depends on the specific models.

Are all models included?

The premium care program includes all 2023 models of INFINITI vehicles, beginning with the QX55 and Q50.

Is it possible to transfer the program to the next INFINITI owner with courtesy vehicles?

The short answer is yes. However, a contract must be filled out and completed for the INFINITI courtesy vehicle when it changes ownership as a CPO vehicle. The plan can then be transferred to the buyer, providing the vehicle is within the coverage term. The transfer does produce a fee.

Is INFINITI Premium Care automatically applied to each INFINITI sales model, at the time of purchase?

No, the contract must be filled out and signed at the time of the INFINITI sale.

Can the dealership increase the price for this plan?

No, the Premium Care program of INFINITI is included in the sale. The dealership cannot charge for the program.

Can the dealer offer add-ons?

Yes, the client can buy extended mileage and terms with the INFINITI Care plan. The add-ons will incur an additional cost.

How does the service center know if the vehicle is under this plan?

When you bring your INFINITI into the service center, the team enters the VIN as normal procedure. When entered it will show that the Premium Care Program is active.

What oil is required for the oil changes to be covered?

Synthetic oil is included in the plan.

What happens if the system suggests service before the next scheduled time?

Three years of scheduled maintenance are included in the plan. As part of the plan, a certain number of specific services are included. They can take place anytime, assuming they are a minimum of 30 days between visits. If the client drives more frequently, they can purchase term/mileage extensions.

Can customers improve their plans or add on to their plans after the sale?

Yes, they can buy extra services once they complete their current plan.

If the customer so chooses, can they terminate the plan and get a refund?

The plan is included in the purchase price and is not an additional charge, so there are no refunds even if the client cancels their plan.

Is the plan transferable to new owners?

If the necessary paperwork is completed and the additional processing fee is paid, then the plan can be transferred to a new owner.

If you have additional questions about the new INFINITI Premium Care program, feel free to contact Bob Moore INFINITI in Oklahoma City.