INFINITI Off-Lease Program


INFINITI Lease End Options – Buy Outright, Return, or Sign New Lease

As the end of your INFINITI lease approaches, you may need clarification on what end-of-lease option is best for your situation. Whether you buy your current lease, return your leased INFINITI, or upgrade to a new model, our team at Bob Moore INFINITI can assist with each route. Contact our team to get the process started for the end of your INFINITI lease.

INFINITI Lease End Options

  • Purchase it. If you don’t want to part ways with your current INFINITI lease, you can purchase it outright at Bob Moore INFINITI.
  • Return it. If you don’t want to upgrade your INFINITI model, return it to Bob Moore INFINITI. Be sure to call ahead and schedule your appointment with our team.
  • Replace it. Return your current leased INFINITI and drive away in a newer model. Explore our Online Showroom or specials like an INFINITI QX50 lease or INFINITI Q50 lease.

Returning Your INFINITI Lease Made Simple at Bob Moore INFINITI

  1. SCHEDULE VEHICLE INSPECTION. Call 1-800-253-9026 or visit for a complimentary and required vehicle inspection. Once your inspection is complete, you can make any repairs before returning your vehicle.
  2. MAKE A VEHICLE RETURN APPOINTMENT. When you’re ready, call us to schedule an appointment at 405-748-8000 or fill out our Contact Us form. We will assist you in completing the necessary documents to conclude your lease.
  3. FIND YOUR NEXT INFINITI AT BOB MOORE INFINITI. Our team at Bob Moore INFINITI wants to help you find your next vehicle. Explore lease specials luxurious INFINITI models like the QX60, Q50, QX80, and many more at Bob Moore INFINITI. 


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Can I Lease a New INFINITI?

Yes, contact us at Bob Moore INFINITI, and we would be happy to talk to you about options for leasing a new INFINITI. Call 405-748-8000 or visit our dealership in Oklahoma City, near Edmond.


When Should I Schedule My Vehicle Inspection?

You should schedule your complimentary inspection appointment within the last 60 days of your lease. It is important that your vehicle is inspected prior to returning your vehicle so that you can make repairs, if necessary. If you need to schedule your vehicle inspection, call our team at 405-748-8000.


What Are My End of Lease Options?

At the end of your lease, you have 3 options: Replace your INFINITI with a new INFINITI, Purchase your vehicle for the amount agreed to in the lease agreement, or Return your INFINITI.


Can I Purchase My Leased Vehicle?

Yes, you have the option to purchase your vehicle based on the purchase option price that was agreed upon when you initially signed your lease agreement. If you decide that you would like to purchase your current vehicle, here is what to expect:

Your lease may require you to pay incidental charges such as: sales tax, vehicle registration fees, a purchase option fee of up to $300, and/or other miscellaneous charges

You will no longer be responsible for any excess mileage or excessive wear and use charges


Where Do I Return My Vehicle?

Your vehicle should be returned to Bob Moore INFINITI or your local retailer. Be sure to call 405-748-8000 and schedule an appointment ahead of time.


What Happens If I Exceed the Mileage Limit on My Lease?

If your vehicle’s mileage exceeds that allowed under your Lease Agreement, you will be responsible for paying the per mile charge for excess miles driven. Please refer to your agreement for miles allowed and excess mileage charges. This charge is assessed if the vehicle is returned at the end of your lease. If you choose to purchase your vehicle at lease-end, you will not be charged for any excess mileage.