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Brake Service in Oklahoma City

Brake Service at Bob Moore INFINITI

As you travel the busy streets of Oklahoma City or the highways leading to Tulsa or other cities in your luxury vehicle, you want to know that your brakes are working as expected. When you stop at a traffic light in your INFINITI, you rely on your brakes to be in optimal condition. Keep your brake system reliable with service at Bob Moore INFINITI.

Brake Inspections

Regular brake inspections are important to ensure your brakes are in good condition. When a service technician at Bob Moore INFINITI inspects the brakes, he will let you know if they are in good, fair, or poor condition. If they are in fair condition, plan on replacing them soon. For brakes in poor condition, they need to be replaced right away.

You use your brakes dozens of times in a day as you travel to and from work or carpool with the kids. Each time you apply the brakes, it wears the pads down a little more from the friction. Over time, enough of the pad is worn that it no longer works as effectively to stop the vehicle.

Service technicians at Bob Moore INFINITI inspect the brakes with each oil change, but you can request an inspection any time. They will measure the depth of the pads and let you know if replacement is necessary.

If you don’t get your brake pads replaced, it could damage the rotors, calipers, and drums, which add to the cost of repair. Take the time for an inspection and get the brakes replaced when required.

How Can You Tell Your Brakes Need Repaired?

You may notice some signs that your brakes need to be replaced even before you bring the vehicle in for a brake inspection. Some signs that you should schedule brake service include the following:

  • The distance between applying the brakes and the vehicle coming to a complete stop is greater than normal.
  • You must press down further on the brake pedal for it to engage.
  • The vehicle pulls on one side as you press down on the brakes.
  • The brakes make a grinding or squealing noise when they are engaged.

Contact Bob Moore INFINITI service center for repairs if you notice any of those signs. Along with brake pads, brake lines and other components may need to be inspected or repaired.

Quality Brake Service at Bob Moore INFINITI

Many modern vehicles have advanced technology, which utilizes the braking system. For instance, automatic emergency braking is found on many models. You want only certified INFINITI technicians who are trained on INFINITI braking systems to work on your vehicle.

You can stop by for a brake inspection or give us a call to schedule service. You can also visit our website for an online service scheduler. Bring your vehicle in and sit in our comfortable, contemporary waiting area while we work on your vehicle. You can also use our shuttle to go back home or to work until the repair is made.

Keep your brakes in optimal condition with regular brake service. Trust the service team at Bob Moore INFINITI for all your vehicle repair needs.