INFINITI Alignment

INFINITI Alignment

If you have noticed that driving your INFINITI is not as effortless as it once was, there is a good possibility that it is time to visit Bob Moore INFINITI for an alignment. Power steering has made significant improvements to the handling and steering ease of modern vehicles, but it is still imperative that the wheels remain in proper alignment for the car to handle well and stay safe. When you start to notice the vehicle drifting or pulling to one side, it’s time to call (866) 797-0554or schedule an appointment online. Our state-of-the-art Oklahoma City service center will inspect your INFINITI’s alignment and address any other concerns you might have.

Indications That Your INFINITI Needs Alignment

All vehicles require an alignment from time to time. Damage to road surfaces, speed bumps, accidental impact with curbs takes their toll on your vehicle’s wheels. Fortunately, the alignment process is relatively simple. And it can be taken care of by the INFINITI pros at Bob Moore in just a few hours.

If your vehicle is pulling in one direction and the steering wheel is always fighting your hands, you know that it is time for a professional alignment, but there are also a few other signs that you might not be considering. Some of these less well-known indications include:

  • Excessive shaking when the vehicle is moving
  • The steering wheel vibrates significantly and never remains steady
  • It has become more difficult to turn corners
  • The steering wheel is slightly turned to the left or right, but you are driving straight

The solution to all of these annoying issues is to bring your INFINITI to the premier service center in Oklahoma City for alignment. The pros at Bob Moore INFINITI will have your vehicle back to handling great in no time.

The Value Of Professional Alignment

When your INFINITI is brand new, it almost drives itself down the road. You don’t have issues with steering or a bumpy ride, and that is how your vehicle should always feel. Regular alignments not only increase your enjoyment in driving but also increase your safety and reduce the potential for costly wear and damage to your car.

Should you encounter an extremely uneven patch of pavement or road damage when your vehicle is not correctly aligned, it can be easy to lose control. The result could be damage to your car and even personal injuries. So, think of your alignment service as a bit of an insurance policy to protect you and your passengers.

Finally, when your INFINITI is not aligned correctly, the tires will wear unevenly and result in a much shorter life expectancy than usual. With extensive driving, you could even begin to damage the brakes and suspension.

The simple and safe solution any time you notice that your vehicle is not steering correctly is a visit to the pros at the Bob Moore INFINITI service center. We are just a short drive from anywhere in the Oklahoma City area.