INFINITI Announces Extended Brake Warranty

January 28th, 2021 by

Bob Moore INFINITI has worked tirelessly for years to bring residents of Oklahoma City and the surrounding regions the best new and pre-owned INFINITI vehicles. For all of central Oklahoma and beyond we have helped redefine luxury, with our massive selection of INFINITI luxury cars and SUVs. Recently, INFINITI Motors introduced a new brake family pricing system which simplified the process for purchasing new brakes easier and more accessible to all INFINITI drivers. In addition to the new family pricing plan INFINITI introduces an extended warranty on brakes to give drivers everywhere peace of mind as they drive. 

3-Year or 36,000 Mile Warranty 

With the introduction of the brake extended warranty from INFINITI, Bob Moore INFINITI can now offer better pricing when it comes to replacing your brakes. The warranty extension covers three years or 36,000 miles against defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty is not limited to just one thing, but rather extends to cover major brake components including brake pads, brake rotors, brake drums, and brake shoes. The warranty is an exciting new frontier for INFINITI, helping to ensure the quality of our genuine brake components. 

For many customers, the warranty process is simple. When you bring your vehicle to Bob Moore INFINITI for brake repair or replacement your warranty begins on your date of installation. In order to claim your warranty, make sure you have a proof of purchase for the specific component as well as your repair order that makes note of your VIN as well as your repair date. 

If fixing cars is your forte, Bob Moore INFINITI also has you covered with the extended warranty. Brake products sold over the counter are also covered against defects in materials and are available for exchange under warranty protection. Install your own brakes knowing they are covered under the three year or 36,000-mile warranty. 

Family Pricing 

Bob Moore INFINITI always aims to make the car repair process as easy as possible for its customers. With the newly introduced family pricing packages for brakes, we’ve simplified your options into three main categories which helps you make the best decision. We focus on price per axle which constitutes one set of pads and two rotors. Front and rear pads as well as front and rear rotors are now priced the same, making our system more streamlined and passing the savings onto you. Brakes Family Pricing allows you to choose how to best maintain your own vehicle based on pricing and what your vehicle needs. 

Bob Moore INFINITI Service Center 

You can schedule an appointment today to get your brakes replaced or repaired at Bob Moore INFINITI’s service center. Our staff is fully certified by INFINITI Motors and are able to perform A huge wide range of car maintenance and repairs. We cover everything from battery services, tire services, oil changes, and more. find out how the expert technicians can help you keep your luxury INFINITI vehicle performing its best for years to come.