INFINITI achieves 3rd ranking in for Service Satisfaction

March 24th, 2021 by

Bob Moore INFINTI Service JD PowerWith much of the country under stay-at-home orders throughout portions of 2020, people were driving less. They needed fewer service visits for their vehicles and went longer between routine maintenance appointments. Service visits at dealers dropped only 6 percent from 2019 while overall satisfaction went up.

The J.D. Power 2021 Customer Service Index Study showed that more car owners with vehicles that were between one and three years old went to dealer service departments. Two key factors attributing to the success of dealer service teams include a focus on customer needs and getting the job done right the first time. Having the vehicle picked up and dropped back off went a long way in convincing owners to use dealer service departments. The result is that they captured more of the market than in previous years.

The J.D. Power study measured five components of vehicle service:

  • Service quality
  • Service facility
  • Service initiation
  • Service advisor
  • Vehicle pick-up




ey Components of the Study Results

One of the findings from the study is the satisfaction by customers who used contactless payment. Paying online caused satisfaction to improve by 44 points for customers with premium vehicles like Porsches. Satisfaction went up by 69 points for the mass market brands. Even though only a small percentage of customers used this service, it was well received.

Express service also improved the experience for customers. The percentage increased by 10 points for those who used this service.

On the flip side, owners of battery electric vehicles or BEVs were less satisfied with service. The study showed them with overall satisfaction down 69 points below an average customer while service quality was down by 76 points from the average customer.

BEV owners require fewer visits for service, which makes it more challenging for service departments to make a good impression. According to the study, the owners were better satisfied with repairs than with general maintenance. In many cases, the service work wasn’t done right the first time. Experts suggest that more training may be necessary to improve this issue.

INFINITI ranked third in level of satisfaction for premium brands. The score was 887 out of 1000. The study garnered responses from those who purchased or leased a vehicle with 2018 to 2020 model years. There were just over 62,500 responses.

J.D. Power provides information on customer behavior through big data and other methods. The results of this study show both some positive trends as well as some areas that need worked on.

Premier Service in Oklahoma

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