The 2019 INFINITI Q50 Earns High Marks in IIHS Report

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The 2019 INFINITI Q50 is available at our INFINITI dealer in Oklahoma City, Bob Moore INFINITI.

The 2019 INFINITI Q50 Earns High Marks in IIHS Report

Upgrade Into The Safe & Well-Equipped 2019 INFINITI Q50

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has ranked the 2019 INFINITI Q50 as one of the safest cars on the planet. The IIHS made its decision after analyzing the safety features of the car citing that it is good for both teen drivers and adults. Moderate horsepower, extreme weight and electronic stability control are some of the features that made IIHS rate the car as one of the safest sedans on earth. Is that all that the INFINITI Q50 offers to car enthusiasts? Of course not; it offers a whole lot more to love. We’ll outline a few of our favorite features below.

A Trio Of Engines To Choose From

The 2019 INFINITI Q50 has a stunning performance with several drive mode options that drivers can select. It comes with several types of engine, the first one being the 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engine, which has 208 horsepower and returns an EPA-estimated 30 miles to the gallon on a highway drive.

The second engine is the 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine. The V6 has 2 different variants — the 300-horsepower version found on the LUXE and SPORT trims and the 400-horsepower version found on the RED SPORT trim. The LUXE and SPORT trims return an EPA-estimated 26/28 city/highway MPG. Both engines come with high-tech features that allow more air inside. More air entering equals to more power output. Turbine blades compress air while the turbo speed sensor allows the fan to reach up to 240,000 revolutions per minute, enabling the car to offer maximum acceleration and satisfactory output.

Driving Modes

With the press of a button, you can adjust from one driving mode to another. It comes with 6 driving modes which include the dynamic+, Eco, standard, sport, sport+ and Standard Mode. You also have a snow mode to give you more traction on snowy terrain.

3 Types Of Steering Systems

Drivers can select the best steering option that fits their needs depending on where they are. The first option is the directive adaptive steering which digitally customizes every response. Every move fits the driver’s needs at any particular moment. Rock electronic steering is the second option and is suitable when driving on standard and sport modes.

The third steering option is the hydraulic electronic power which is good on sport+ and dynamic+ modes. Every steering option is meant to offer sharper and convenient handling enabling the driver to control the car as needed.

Comfort and Safety Features

The INFINITI Q50 comes with a variety of comfort and safety features. Our Oklahoma City car dealership offers all INFINITI Q50 options so you can choose any type you want. Every car comes with 2 types of suspensions — standard suspension and dynamic suspension. Dynamic suspension electronically adjusts to car responses enabling the driver to remain at comfortable positions. The standard suspension is for sportiness and comfort.

This luxury vehicle comes with an anti-lock brake system that automatically detects a tire that has stopped working due to extreme braking. The car reduces the brake pressure and allows the wheel to continue moving to enable the car to turn while braking.

The INFINITI Q50 comes with a stability control system that detects exceeded car handling limits. The stability control system ensures the car is always within its safety limits for safe driving. This system reduces engine power when handling limits are exceeded to enable the car to move at safe speeds.

The INFINITI Q50 is equipped with 6 airbags, front impact airbags, side-impact airbags and overhead airbags. Occupants are always protected from all sides, making the vehicle one of the safest cars in its class. Besides these features, it also comes with an unwanted intrusion detection system. Pretensioners automatically tighten seat belts to allow the occupant to stay on his or her appropriate position.

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The endorsement by IIHS was worth it. The INFINITI Q50 is a safe, practical, and reliable car. Residents of Oklahoma City can take advantage of our new inventory at our INFINITI dealership today.

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