INFINITI Pairs with the Rebelle Rally

October 16th, 2020 by

INFINITI is looking to wind down on 2020 by celebrating their participation in the Rebelle Rally. For the first time, the all-female duo Team Wander Women is taking a modified QX80 on a rigorous 8-day offroading adventure in the annual outdoor racing competition the Rebelle Rally. Painstaking as the process was, INFINITI is determined to show off their recent success in proving that their luxury SUV has the capability and endurance to take on the rugged outdoors. Find out how in this year’s rally, the INFINITI brand looks show that their vehicles aren’t only about esteemed style, but also about their outstanding utility.

The INFINITI QX80 boasts one of INFINITI’s largest and most luxurious SUVs on the market. The vehicle has most of the amenities you could consider belonging to a luxury SUV, with dual touchscreens that connect to your smartphone, multi-climate control zones, heated and cool seats, and much more. The vehicle was chosen for its already excellent V-8, 400 horsepower engine and sturdy construction, and its preexisting reputation as an absolute beast on those tougher roadways. No doubt as the women in the Rebelle Rally look to conquer the Southern California Desert they will find that the interior provides a relaxed break from the harsh climate.

Team Wander Women has looked to modify their QX80 in preparation for their long journey ahead. The vehicle was outfitted with Off-Road Monster 18 inch wheels and Nitto terra Grappler G2 tires complete with a set of off-road performance shocks. The vehicle was also fitted with a rally computer to aid in navigation and checkpoints, but also a PowerTank air-up tank and a digitally controlled air-down kit. The team is also carrying essential safety and recovery items with them such as shackles and ropes, tow straps, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and two spare tires. Thanks to the spacious interior of the QX80, there is enough space to store all their gear with plenty of room to spare. This year marks the first year for INFINITI in the Rebelle Rally Competition.

The team looks forward to driving an INFINITI QX80 in the Rebelle Rally. Hoping for a great success in the luxury SUV, INFINITI aims to continue its reputation of having some of the most comfortable and most capable vehicles on the market. Team Wander Woman looks forward to many of its existing capabilities in addition to their modificaitions. The QX80 already has an All-Mode 4WD system that comes equipped with a terrain selection system that pairs with its immensely capable powertrain.

The Rebelle Rally is an 8-day competition which comprised of all female teams of two, and is considered a proving ground for off road vehicles. Unlike many other automotive competitions, the Rebelle Rally is based around vehicle performance, driver experience and navigational prowess instead of just outright speed. Competitors rule the desert without phones or GPS systems, and rely instead on maps, roadbooks, and compasses to find hidden checkpoints and overcome other navigational challenges. The competition is held in California and is revered as one of the toughest off-road competitions in the world.