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All New 2021 QX55

The next adventure with INFINITI vehicles is beginning this November with the grand reveal of the all-new QX55. The INFINITI brand is pushing the boundaries with this brand-new model, and for the first time they are looking at addressing the growing popularity of the luxury crossover vehicle. The QX55 shares a lot of features with familiar models in the INFINITI lineup, but also presents unique characteristics putting this crossover into a class of its own.

The QX55 has seen a great deal of hype and excitement building around its grand reveal. The most notable feature released thus far is a swooping, sloping roof that indicates INFINITI’s next step into the world of SUV crossover coupes. This seems hardly surprising for the Japanese luxury line, as many other vehicle brands have already tried to stake their claim as the vehicle type grows in popularity. The release of this vehicle serves as a continuation of INFINITI’s recently retired QX70 crossover vehicle and is said to bear striking similarities to the nearly decade-old INFINITI FX series. Regardless of its forebears, the QX55 poised to put the brand at the forefront of luxury crossover options.

All eyes are on INFINITI as the full reveal date looms, but there is quite a bit currently known about the vehicle even though we haven’t seen the full scope yet. The recently released Qx50 came with an industry-first turbocharged variable compression engine which signaled very exciting things to come with the INFINITI brand. We can safely speculate the QX55 will contain the same 268 horsepower engine that can change its compression ratio to optimize both power and efficiency. This exciting new engine maintains that same, quiet and smooth ride expected in high-caliber luxury vehicles. If it bears any resemblance to the QX50, then we’ll see energetic acceleration and at least 27 miles per gallon on the highway.

In a most impressive nature, INFINITI has implemented new technologies by leaps and bounds over the last decade. As seen with the recent QX50, INFINITI has been highlighting dual display screens embedded in their center console and the ability to connect with compatible smart phones for apps, messaging, contacts, and phone calls. The expectation with the QX55 is no less, and hopes remain that the infotainment systems and MID display screens will be more dynamic than ever before. As the vehicle has yet to be officially released to the public, safety aspects can only be speculated. However, with the high safety ratings of previous models as well as advanced optics and radar, the climate is certainly hopeful with the QX55.

In direct competition with vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz GLC coupe and the BMW X4, the QX55 comes in at a higher price point for the INFINITI brand as a whole, but still lower than other types of its class. As is consistent with previous INFINITI model releases, there are a speculated five models to be released, the mid-range “essential” model having less add-ons than the highest trims, but still containing excellent tech and interior options. Stay tuned with us come November for the full details of this new and exciting vehicle, with models to hit the showrooms in early spring of 2021.