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INFINITI Tire service in Oklahoma City

Tire Service at Bob Moore INFINITI

Every part of your vehicle serves a purpose, but one area that often gets neglected is your tires. Having the proper tires for your car can improve your fuel economy, handling, and your overall safety. Come to Bob Moore INFINITI, serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman and surrounding areas, and let our professional service team assist you with all your tire needs.

Your tires keep you going mile after mile. Take care of them, so they last and provide the traction you need for all kinds of situations in your INFINITI. Get great tire service at Bob Moore INFINITI.

Routine Tire Care

As you provide routine maintenance for your INFINITI, you should include your tires in the schedule. When you bring your car or SUV in for an oil change, the service technicians will check the tire tread and air pressure. They’ll let you know if your tires need to be replaced or if there are other issues.

You should also schedule a tire rotation on a routine basis. Getting the tires rotated allows the tread to wear more evenly so that the tires continue to grip the road correctly. If you have front- or rear-wheel drive, those tires will wear faster than the other two. When you switch them, it helps all four tires to wear at approximately the same rate.

When the wheels are out of alignment, it can cause your tires to wear differently. They may wear more on the inside or outside of the tire and wear faster than normal. Getting the wheels aligned will help improve steering and extend the life of your tires. You can tell if you need an alignment when the vehicle steers to one side or the steering wheel doesn’t come back to center when you’re traveling in a straight line.

Tire Repair and Replacement

You’re cruising down the road and the tire warning light comes on or even worse – your tire starts to go flat. You can count on Bob Moore INFINITI to fix your flat tire and get you back on your way. If the tire isn’t repairable or if the tread has worn down on any of your tires, you can come here to get a new set.

We offer a selection of tires in all sizes to fit the INFINITI models. We carry all-season tires, performance tires, and other options to fit your driving needs. We’ll help you find the perfect set for your INFINITI QX80 or the Q60 to provide optimal performance.

All of our tires come with a warranty based on the expected life of the tire. The warranty covers the tire up to the maximum mileage at a percentage. For instance, tires with half their life left may be replaced at half the cost. Of course, you must care for your tires, or it may void the warranty.

Trust Bob Moore INFINITI for all your tire care. Give us a call or go online to schedule service for your tires. Relax in our comfortable waiting area while we provide the best tire service for your INFINITI or take our shuttle back to work or home until we have finished with your vehicle.

Tire Pressure

Making a habit of continually checking the pressure of your tires can go a long way in improving your driving practice. Under-inflated tires can use up more gas, hurting your car’s fuel economy, while over-inflated tires can reduce your handling, putting you and everyone else on the road at greater risk. Remember to check when the tires are cold and haven’t been used recently. To properly control the pressure of your tires, you’ll first need to determine what the recommended amount for your vehicle is. The number can be used to compare with your current set, which you can measure using a tire gauge.

Tire Maintenance

Your vehicle’s tires are the first and only contact with the road, so it’s important to maintenance your tires regularly. Part of properly maintaining your tires include Wheel Alignment and Balance. Proper wheel alignment is key to prolonging the life of your tires. If your vehicle is misaligned, it can cause your tires to wear unevenly, and you may experience a change in how your vehicle handles. Your tires and wheels are aligned and balanced at the factory to provide the longest life and best overall performance. Consider a wheel alignment check if there is unusual tire wear or the vehicle is significantly pulling to one side or the other. If one of your tires is out of balance it can affect your ride quality and can shorten the life of the tires and other suspension components.

Tire Rotation

It’s a known fact that regular tire rotation extends the life of your tires and improves performance. Tires are rotated to achieve uniform wear on all tires. Your tires should be rotated every 7,500 miles to prevent irregular tire wear. It’s also important to rotate your tires according to the correct tire-rotation pattern. Doing this will prolong the life of your tires and will reduce the risk of sudden tire failure. If your vehicle has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, it will need to be reset after each tire rotation. You can count on our Certified Service experts to perform this simple procedure with every tire rotation they perform.

When to Replace Your Tires

The rubber in your tires ages over time. This applies to your spare tire as well, even if it’s never been used. Multiple factors including temperatures, loading conditions, and inflation pressure maintenance affect how fast tires age. Other warning signs that your vehicle will need tire replacement are when you can see three or more tread wear indicators around the tire, the tire cord or fabric is showing through the rubber. The tire tread or sidewall is cracked, cut, or snagged deep enough to show cord or fabric. The tire has a bulge or split, or if the tire has a puncture, cut, or other damage that can’t be repaired.

If you are in need of tires or any other tire services, Bob Moore INFINITI is your one-stop shop! Stop by, or go online to schedule serviceBob Moore INFINITI wants to help you keep going in your INFINITI with reliable tires to protect you in any situation. Let us be your premier tire service provider.